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RV Winterizing

Drive Through Event

25th 10am – 3pm

Join us on September 25th between 10am – 3pm for a drive through RV Winterizing Event.

Alternatively, you can pre-schedule an appointment at your convenience here.

Join us during our drive through event and enjoy food provided by local companies The Butchers Son and El Gringo.

It’s time to prepare to winterize your RV!

Winterizing your RV is an inexpensive way to prevent significant repair costs.
 Contact us to get started.

Why it’s important to winterize your RV:


Protect Your Water Lines

If you leave water in the pipes of your RV throughout the cold season and it freezes, you could be looking at significant issues such as pipe bursts – which in turn means costly repairs. It is critical to go through the proper draining of all fluids and to use RV antifreeze.

Stop Rodents & Pests

If you don’t want to encounter furry surprises in the spring, you should make sure your RV is properly sealed for the winter! This will keep your fuzzy friends where they belong – in nature – not your RV.

Take Care of Your Tires

Did you know that cold temperatures can cause damage to your tires? Proper inflation, removing weight, and even lifting your RV slightly for an even greater weight reduction can help to minimize the impacts of the cold winter.

Protect Your Battery

The same way the battery of your car will loose charge in the cold, as will the battery in your RV. Since you likely won’t be running it for several months, you should take the battery out and keep it in a separate place.

Prepare for Spring

Winterizing your RV will make your camping preparation in the spring MUCH easier!

Schedule the winterization of your RV today.

Winterize Options

Mobile RV Winterize $199

Schedule a winterize appointment at a time that suits you. We will come to your home, campground or storage lot and winterize your unit.

Complimentary roof inspection is always included! Complete the form below to request an appointment:

14 + 12 =

Drive Through Winterize $129

Winterize while you wait! Visit us at 7121 Argyll Road on September 25th between 10 am – 3 pm.

Visit us on Sept. 25th and receive the following complimentary inspection:

  • Roof & Seal Condition
  • Propane Leak Test (when applicable)
  • CO Detector Expiry Date
  • LP Gas Detector Expiry Date
  • Smoke Detector Expiry Date

Reserve your preferred date below:

Preferred Date:

12 + 12 =

Service Centre Winterize $169

Do you have other work that needs to be done on your RV before you put it away for the winter? Schedule a service appointment at our service centre by filling in the form below.

15 + 3 =